Guest Post: Military Student Loan Forgiveness: Facts and Programs Available

Today we welcome a reader and guest poster, Drew Cloud. His article on Military Student Loan Forgiveness is especially timely with all the rumblings about the PSLF going away (even going away retroactively). What would you do if your loans you thought would be forgiven suddenly weren't, through no fault of your own?! While none of these options applied to…

Standing by for Baby MilitaryFIRE & updates

Hello all, Mrs. MF's and my baby will be making a sooner-than-expected entrance this week. Wish us luck! I'll get to posting about how we handled our baby-finances here soon! Some updates: Mrs. MF has cut my hair to perfection in under 20 minutes twice this month. That's a massive improvement, and all the more reason to keep doing it. Read…

Financial Independence and the Military Spouse: Mrs. MilitaryFIRE’s take.

This post is by my lovely wife, Mrs. MilitaryFIRE. As we approach 3 important milestones (First baby, first military move, and second anniversary) she has this advice to offer as a military spouse on a FIRE path: I wouldn’t call myself frugal but by definition, I guess I am. Since my husband has started on this journey to financial independence…

February Update: We’re Broke

Since the beginning of 2017, we have been living paycheck to paycheck. The other night, Mrs. MilitaryFIRE asked how much we were making after each paycheck. “Zero,” I said, “we’re essentially broke.” We started the year with our checking account below its normal level due to some 2016 year-end IRA contributions and we haven’t been able to bring it up…

Learnin’ and Planin’

One of the disadvantages to the military lifestyle is the inability to iet up a forever home until later in life. While the moving and travel may be a bonus for some, I’d be happy to set up shop in one place for the rest of my career. Our family is all located in New England, and we want to…
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