Annual Update: The Cost of Having a Baby

Baby MF is 6 months old now. How have the costs stacked up against our predictions? When we decided the time was right to start a family, we wondered what the cost of having a child was. The many websites which exist to help a family estimate these cost are useless for a frugal family in the military or public…

Learnin’ and Planin’

One of the disadvantages to the military lifestyle is the inability to iet up a forever home until later in life. While the moving and travel may be a bonus for some, I’d be happy to set up shop in one place for the rest of my career. Our family is all located in New England, and we want to…


Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) As part of our pre-marriage financial summit, my wife and I took a long look at our retirement goals. At the time I hadn’t discovered Mr. Money Mustache or any of the FIRE crowd. What we found was pretty dismal. I had graduated from a top university with no debt, had worked with a generous salary for…

Our experience paying off $107,000 of Student Loan Debt

Student loan debt is an evil drain on our national economy and a "hair on fire" emergency for our wallets. When I married my wife, we sat down and discussed our finances. We agreed that we would combine our finances, the good and the bad. While she brought great credit to our union, I also married her undergrad and graduate student…
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