Standing by for Baby MilitaryFIRE & updates

Hello all,
Mrs. MF’s and my baby will be making a sooner-than-expected entrance this week. Wish us luck!
I’ll get to posting about how we handled our baby-finances here soon!

Some updates:

  1. Mrs. MF has cut my hair to perfection in under 20 minutes twice this month. That’s a massive improvement, and all the more reason to keep doing it. Read about our haircutting here.
  2. While I was updating our student loan spreadsheet I found out that by making 36 on-time payments we had achieved a 2% interest rate reduction! SCORE! All the more reason for us to not pay down our debt as fast. Maybe had I been aware of this benefit I would have paid down that loan even slower. I checked all out other loans, and only that one was eligible for that benefit. Pays to look.

Have a great week!

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