Breaking: USCG offers 2.5 mo Continuation Pay in 2018 and beyond

ALCOAST 278/17 spells out the authorization for ALL Active Duty members to receive the promised Continuation Pay. (reserves get 0.5 mo)

Members must have less than 12 years of service to sign up for BRS and receive the Continuation Pay. If you Sign up for BRS in 2018 after hitting 12 years, no pay for you, so it pays to pay attention to timing on this one.

Similarly, make sure to contribute 5% in all months you are eligible to contribute to the TSP. Front loading to the $18,000 Max in the first part of the year will leave you with no match for the remaining months.

You may recall I saw CP being used as a retention tool and didn’t expect to see it rolled out this cycle. Looks like its hear for the Blended Retirement System roll out, but the Alcoast leaves open the opportunity to change the multiple in the future.

It is the opinion of this Coastie that eligible members who even remotely consider they might stay for the full 20 NOT sign on to the BRS.  See previous articles and calculator.

For officers- While BRS literature points to a less than 20% chance you will make it to retirement, this statistic includes enlisted and officer cohorts. Officers taken as their own group reach retirement in nearly 50% of cases. Sorry Enlisted folks, but your chance sits at 17%, across all services. No word on what the stats are for those who have completed an initial 4-6 year enlistment.


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