My mission here at MilitaryFire.com is to share the story of how my family is seeking to become debt free, achieve financial independence, and retire early. This is often abbreviated “FIRE.” Readers will be inspired, educated, and entertained as you follow us on our journey.

I am currently serving in my 8th year on active duty in the Coast Guard, one of the 5 armed services, after graduating with a Bachelor’s in Science in Government from the Coast Guard Academy, in New London, CT. My wife has a Master’s Degree and is currently employed at a small college.

Some of the topics we will explore are:

  • TSP
  • Investing
  • Debt
  • Financial Independence
  • Early Retirement
  • Student Loans
  • Military Finances
  • PCS
  • Military Health Care
  • Taxes and the Military
  • Service Members Credit Relief Act
  • Tracking Finances
  • Spousal Credit Relief Act
  • Travel Hacking
  • The new Blended Retirement System


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Unless its obviously a branded logo or attributed to a different source, all the featured images – i.e. posts’ title images – and the intrapage photos on this site are my own work. I hope you enjoy them, and feel free to stop by my Fine Art America Page or Facebook Page. There you can see more photography and get one of my sweet shots on a coffee mug, or even a Shower Curtain!

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